About the Eazy Hiking and Camping page

Why this web page? Well, I like getting out and about. My site-relevant background is in civilian hiking and other outdoorsy stuff, semi-professional flora-fauna surveys, and hunting for wild animal control. I'm not a trophy hunter. I'm also not a 'trophy hiker'. I prefer doing (hopefully doing them well and/or learning) and experiencing things rather than ticking boxes of places I've been. I also spent a lot of time in the infantry and related combat arms. I like chatting and thinking about this sort of stuff, and if it can be instructive and helpful to others that's great. I like the mental and physical challenges of planning, organising, conducting trips. When you are out bush, you have noone to blame for things but yourself. It is very liberating. When things are good, they're good. If not-so-good - Embrace the Suck! I value knowing the skills to a high practical level. Knowledge is power.

There are lots of sites on hiking and camping, and unfortunately it is one of these things where people get very opinionated. I'm more pluralistic - if it works, do it. Yes, some things make me cringe. But then again I tend to look too much like a soldier when hiking. This site is deliberately light on gear reviews because a) Merely looking the part is of far less use than being able to do it; b) I don't have the money to feed a gear acquisition habit, much as I would like to. Hopefully you will find the page and discussion forums friendly and helpful.

If any readers have, or know of, any similar pages they want linked to this one please let me know. My civilian background is more along the science lines, and I value multiple sources of information.

I'm not into much personal aggrandisement, so I'm deliberately shy about my name, nationality and form of military experience. Those with sleuthing skills could take a guess at the latter two. It's not really important - the stuff on the web page is the important thing.

To make the page I played a wee bit initially with KompoZer but ended up just writing html code in Gedit. KompoZer is a good program, but I have enough programming background to learn css & html and occasionally check it in KompoZer. It was faster to write de novo. A useful reference source for html/css was www.w3schools.com.
I didn't use anyone elses templates, but I did look at one or two for coding examples while learning. The Serious face free template served as a useful introduction, so check it out via www.freewebtemplates.com if you need a template for your site.
The internal page search was pilfered from http://www.javascriptkit.com

I checked the page in Mozilla and Chrome. I work in Linux, so have done only a cursory check in Explorer. Let me know if any browsers cause some weird behavior. Also if anyone sees an image that belongs to them and shouldn't be used - please let me know. I've acknowledged sources and linked to the sites I got them from. If I've used something I shouldn't have, I did it inadvertently in good faith.