I've used the term bushcraft to cover a range of things that don't quite fit in well in other sections. They relate mainly to the administration-type tasks such as cooking and camping that make your life a little bit easier. Hey, it's one thing to get from A to B - what do you do when you get there?
Campsite selection, organization and arrangement are important to consider. Picking a good, secure site and keeping it tidy ensures you remain happy campers, and don't unduly annoy others. Water, food and cooking considerations are important to keep you fit and healthy, as are first aid considerations when either still or on the move. For those of you who insist on lighting bonfires at the peril of the habitat, I have a few considerations and suggestions. I've also gone a bit rank on the knots section - the 'few basic knots' kind of blew out a bit. Sorry... Never give someone like me either things that go bang, or materials that can tie things up. Recipe for disaster.