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Much as I kind of hate advertising on web pages, I'd like to keep this web page going so I've lumped some (hopefully unobtrusive) advertising on the site. Here's how it works (so things are transparent). I've put and search pages with default search terms. I wanted both on the same page - depending on whether you want to buy stuff from the US or Europe. Amazon, however, won't let me do that. If you want to buy something from Amazon, and do it via this website - the Eazy webpage gets some money to keep going. No catch.
I also have some click-ads from Infolinks. These are context-dependent - so hopefully are relevant. But knowing my penchant fro throwing in random words and examples - it could be a bit of a lottery. Click if you are interested in any of the advertised things. The website gets some as yet unkown amount.
Anything I think is worth considering getting generally has its own ad associated with it.

So for my English and European friends...

Navigation resources and equipment


Shelter and sleeping

Try the search terms 2 man tent, sleeping bag, sleeping mat, bivy bag separately



Cooking stoves