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Here are a few downloads to stuff I mention in the web page. It's still in a bit of a disarray- I'll progressively sort it out!

* Various Vueetuee notes with assorted tables and stuff in them. Feel free to modify and embellish as required. I'll add stuff as I think of it.
Available in A6 notebook size Openoffice document and PDF format.

* The good old FM 21.76 US Army Survival Manual from which I and many others have borrowed illustrations from. Hey, if I had my own graphic artist I would get my own made. As I go along I'll replace them with photos. I guess I can always use the excuse that, as a US taxpayer, I have shares in it.

* This is the British Army guide British Army guide based on their formal manual. I strongly recommend it.

* Another good source of information (and illustrations...) is the Western Australian Police Survival manual. This is freely available on their website (www.police.wa.gov.au), and good reading when you have to overnight in the Broome police watch-house. Or so I'm told.

* A hard to find resource is Richard Graves' Australian Bushcraft. An old classic. Shame about his passing.

* During the preparation of the Mammals as food section I happened upon A.R. Harding's Deadfalls and snares. If you seriously want to get into trapping - this one is cool.