I, of course am not the only person in the world interested in this sort of thing. And in the 'Eazy' spirit, here are some links that all y'all may be interested in. This is by no means exhaustive - they are generally sites I just stumbled across. If you have a site you think would fit in here, please let me know. Both similar and differing viewpoints are equally welcome. Information is power... is Lyle Brotherton's navigation site. Lots of good information and tips for the serious navigators out there. Get a copy of his book. It's good. This is a good site aimed at women. It contains with a wide range of hiking topics with women in mind. Good for gear tips and balancing many of the male-centric viewpoints on web pages (including mine). In fact, it's a good source of information for anyone. And recently Diane Spicer of hiking-for-her has released a book you should all check out: This is kind of a fun site with all sorts of tips, opinions, and friendly discussions. Another fun and interesting set of sites, including Hiking Dude. Apparently to join their group your last name needs to be 'Dude'. There goes my chance. Lots of interesting information and viewpoints there. is Lofty Wiseman's survival tidbits and information site. His survival book (one of his many books!) is worth getting for your library. is an informative site with lots of gear hints and reviews. The site owner also seems to have a gentle sense of humor about it all. contains lots of gear reviews and comparisons. A bit more of a commercial site. is Glenn McAllister's site with a lot of good home-dehydrating tips as samples from his book he shamelessly plugs. It's pretty good. Making your own beats paying $10 a meal. Let loose the Jamie Oliver in you! Or in my case, I tend to sound a bit more like Gordon Ramsey. is the Ultralight militant Ray Jardine's website. I'm not a disciple, but I have his earlier book 'Beyond backpacking'. He has a lot of good ideas, and while I don't take the fervour too far to heart, I love the iconoclastic approach. I'll bite the bullet soon and check out his sequel book, Trail Life. is a directory of links to a vast array of outdoors-type stuff. Try not to get lost in the list of pages... is Will Tottle's site which provides some useful information and checklists for beginners and newbies. It also deals with the more civilized aspects of camping doesn't cover such as vehicle camping, families, and established campsites. Basically, I'm more of an uncivilized barbarian when it comes to camping and hiking.